Shayna Haynes

Shayna began her career at CQC in September of 2020 as a Virtual Events and Resource Coordinator. This role provided a strong foundation for her to step into an Account Manager position in March of 2022. Shayna’s passion for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion has allowed her to pursue many enriching experiences. Some of these include: membership in a multicultural and historically Latinx sorority, facilitating inter-group social justice dialogues, creating an implicit bias awareness resource and campaign for Central Michigan University, and working on a local documentary film crew as a Production Coordinator. She is currently studying Business Administration, and has plans to continue her higher education journey in Social Innovation and Public Administration. Shayna is also an avid reader, a poet, and a writer. She is very dedicated to community engagement, and she works with several community leaders in Grand Rapids, Michigan on various creative projects and local initiatives. Shayna sees herself as a bridge-builder that aims to improve community through intergroup dialogue and considers herself to be lifelong learner.