Domestic CQ

Cultural intelligence is not just for people doing global work. It gives you the skills needed to work and relate effectively with people from different backgrounds in your own backyard.


Diversity is everywhere. And one of the greatest benefits of cultural intelligence is that it provides you with a unified strategy and skill set for how to relate and work across cultural differences at home and abroad.

Domestic CQ can best be described as working and relating effectively with people from different backgrounds in your own country. The culturally intelligent person who understands domestic diversity is able to work effectively with peers, colleagues and customers from different generations, ethnicities, functions, organisations, regions, and more.

How We Address

We help you improve the way you work with people from diverse backgrounds in your own background. Rather than perpetuating unhelpful stereotypes about full ethnic groups, age groups, or regions across your country, we’ll teach you a mental model for diagnosing and responding to intercultural situations day-to-day. All of our courses include a practical action plan for applying CQ to the situations where it’s most relevant for you.

Most diversity courses and unconscious bias programs do little to improve effectiveness and in many cases, they make things worse. Our team has regional experts to ensure our work with you improves the way you work with someone, whatever their background.

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