We provide several interactive, engaging and detailed online courses to create a unique learning experience for anyone who wishes to learn more about their CQ. Available 24 x 7 x 365, our e-learning might be a great solution for a busy schedule.


MyCQ™ – a two and a half-hour e-learning course that integrates individual assessment results, including interactive exercises, quizzes, and examples to promote learning. Designed for use with the CQ Self-Assessment.

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Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life

This course provides compelling reasons and benefits why we need Cultural Intelligence in our everyday life, knowledge on the four common cultural values with rich examples, and the CQ model to be applied at work or in life. It also allows learners to practice applying CQ in real world scenarios and create their own action plans that will work. 

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MyCV™ – a one-hour e-learning course that integrates individual results from the CV Profile including interactive exercises, quizzes, and examples to promote learning.
Designed for use with the Cultural Values Profile – an online inventory covering individual value preferences in ten different cultural value dimensions.

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MyUB™: Recognise and Manage Bias

This one-hour, e-learning course provides real-life examples and practical strategies for minimizing biased actions and decision making. Based on the proven research about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), MyUB™ helps learners build awareness, develop strategies for managing bias, and ultimately reduce the application of bias in the workplace and beyond.

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MyCQ™ for Study Abroad

MyCQ™ for Study Abroad – a research-based e-learning course designed to prepare students for multicultural success, with 2.5 hours of highly interactive exercises, adaptive content, real-life examples, and practical advice from experts and students. Designed for use with the special Study Abroad version of our CQ Self-Assessment.

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CQ Go™

Based on the world renowned research on cultural intelligence (CQ), CQ Go™ gives international students a highly interactive, engaging e-learning course that will set them up to succeed overseas.

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