MyCQ™ for Study Abroad

  • Two and a half hours of e-Learning content divided into individual modules covering Cultural Intelligence, Cultural Values, and study abroad tips and advice
  • 13 pre-departure modules including actual experiences, stories, and guidance from past study abroad students
  • 1 post-travel module including reflection content, discussion of changes in Cultural Intelligence scores, and guidelines for writing a meaningful reflection paper
  • Highly interactive modules with quizzes, exercises, and videos to engage learners of all types
  • Those who complete the course:
    • Have a solid understanding of their own cultural intelligence
    • How their scores compare to worldwide norms
    • How to apply their CQ strengths during their time abroad
    • Will be able to define and describe the ten cultural value orientations
    • Will be able to identify their own cultural value preferences and how they relate to the cultural value preferences of others in their study abroad destination
    • Will learn tips for studying abroad

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