The higher your CQ, the more likely you are to succeed in today’s globalized economy. Increased profits, enhanced performance, and better decision-making are among the consistent results found among leaders with higher CQ. And best of all, an enhanced CQ helps us treat one another with a greater degree of respect and dignity. That’s what compels me to give so much of my energy to researching, writing, and speaking about global issues and cultural intelligence.

I’ve had the privilege of interacting with all kinds of stellar leaders about these ideas in 14 cities over the last 6 weeks and the opportunities continue over the next couple weeks:

Nov 2: Leading with Cultural Intelligence presentation at Michigan State University

Nov 3: Grand Rapids Book Launch Party at Schuler Books (Join us if you’re nearby!)

Nov 5: Big Frontier, Leading with Cultural Intelligence event at the Chicago Merchandise Mart

Nov. 6: International Leadership Forum in Chicago

Nov. 9: Leading with Cultural Intelligence presentation at Georgetown University

Nov 10: Leading with Cultural Intelligence workshop at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Nov. 11, I head to Sydney for a book tour down under.

I’m incredibly blessed to have work I so thoroughly enjoy and believe in. And as usual, I’m learning far more than I’m giving!