Join our panel of innovative DEI and talent development leaders and consultants as we walk through cutting-edge strategies to build employees’ cultural intelligence

Panel Discussion Highlights Will Include:

  1. What has been most helpful for improving your staff’s drive for self-awareness and commitment to inclusion?
  2. How have you partnered with the CQ Center in this work? What are some of the CQ tools that are most helpful in building employee or leadership skills for working more effectively across diverse cultures?
  3. What other tools or frameworks help you build individual skills for working more effectively across diverse cultures?
  4. Share some key thoughts regarding robust individual action plans that lead to sustainable change? What individual KPIs have you seen be helpful?
  5. What is the one thing you would share with those joining today to ensure cultural competence or cross-cultural training is not a “check the box” but leads to sustainable change?
  6. Time for Q&A at the end

The webinar will be hosted and moderated by Amy Swenson, Client Consultant for the Cultural Intelligence Center. Amy’s panel of DEI experts will consist of:

  • Thaiz Chanman, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Amazon G&A (BCD, FGBS, GCA, Legal, PXT)
  • Joseph Al Haddad, Learning and Development Consultant, Six Seconds
  • Lynnette Collins, FVP, Diversity & Inclusion, PennyMac
  • Robin Shabazz, Principal and Founder, The Eastledge Group, LLC