Case Studies

Read success stories from organisations that have used CQ to address their multicultural challenges and opportunities. Visit regularly for additional impact studies

Culturally intelligent (CQ®) organisations attract and retain top talent, innovate in the face of disruption, plan for what’s around the corner, and adapt when customer needs shift. CQ leaders are inclusive, curious, and challenge the status quo. Their teams work and relate effectively across various cultural contexts including nationality, ethnicity, gender, generations, and cognitive diversity.   See firsthand how The Cultural Intelligence Center has brought CQ to life for just some of our partners.

CQ Case Study – School District

Large independent school district creates racial equity program

SUMMARY:  Bespoke program designed to use Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as a strategy to address racial equity and create an anti-racist campus community.

RESULTS:  10-Month Timeline | Certified 100+ Internal Facilitators | Trained Over 22,000 Employees

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CQ Case Study – Corporation

Leadership Development Program Improves Customer Satisfaction Scores

SUMMARY:  Mid-sized IT company contacted the Cultural Intelligence Center to design and facilitate a program that would help the leaders address the challenges of supporting culturally diverse customers

RESULTS:  10-Month Program | Cost Savings Estimates of Millions of Dollars | 20% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

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CQ Case Study – University

studies indicate the need to prepare students for work in a global economy

SUMMARY: Most Australian employers report that university graduates are ill-equipped to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is determined to change that with their graduates by implementing a course to their IT curriculum highlighting Cultural Intelligence

RESULTS:   CQ Pre/Post Assessment | 83% Increase in Cultural Drive | Student Satisfaction Scores of 4.6 (out of 5)

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CQ Case Study – Corporation

global organisation on verge of becoming obsolete

SUMMARY:  To remain relevant, a multi-billion dollar global organisation identified cultural intelligence as a critical capability needed by all of their leaders.  Cultural Intelligence is added to the core values of the organisation.

RESULTS:  4-Month Program | Tripled Business Proposal Implementation | 25% of Participants Promoted Within 2 Years

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