Cultural Intelligence (CQ): An Essential Skill for NHS

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  • Format In-person (London)
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TUESday, 15 March 2022
10am-1pM GMT
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Topic: Cultural Intelligence (CQ): An Essential Skill for NHS

The Cultural Intelligence Centre is delighted to welcome you to a very special event led by David Livermore, Co-Founder of the Cultural Intelligence Centre and one of the foremost experts on Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and Shahana Ramsden, Director of Vaccination Workforce and Vaccine Equalities Lead, and Co-chair of the Turning the Tide Board in the SE Region.

We know that UK health care professionals are serving an incredibly diverse population. However, the pandemic amplified health disparities and cultural differences surrounding protection, care, vaccines, and more. Dr Livermore will introduce you to cultural intelligence (CQ) – a scientifically based model for working collaboratively in diverse settings – and you will hear practical examples of how to use CQ in your everyday role including a presentation from Shahana about how her team are actively implementing CQ in the NHS.

Light refreshments will be provided.

David Livermore, PhD (Michigan State University) is a social scientist devoted to the topics of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership, and is the author of several award-winning books, including Leading with Cultural IntelligenceDriven by Difference, and Serving with Eyes Wide Open. His forthcoming book, Digital, Diverse & Divided, addresses one of the most pressing issues of our day–how to overcome polarisation in our personal and professional relationships.

David is a founder of the Cultural Intelligence Center and a visiting research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He consults with global organisations around the world, including the Harvard Business School, Google, Coca-Cola, the US Department of Defense, BMW, Qatar Airways, the United Nations, and dozens more. He has travelled to more than one hundred countries and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He also serves on several boards.

David loves to make social science accessible to practitioners. He has been interviewed and referenced by myriad news sources, including The Atlantic , CBS News, Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, Forbes, NBC, the New York Times, USA Today,  the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and the South China Post. 

Shahana Ramsden has a 35-year career working in the public sector in health and social care and is currently employed as Director of Vaccination Workforce in the SE Region and Special Adviser on Vaccine Equalities. Shahana co-chairs the NHS England and NHS Improvement, South East Turning the Tide Transformation and Oversight Board which was established during the Covid-19 pandemic to accelerate the region’s response to addressing racial inequalities across workforces and communities.

Shahana has spent her life and career working tirelessly to ensure that the voices of under-represented groups are heard.

She led the Department of Health’s Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health programme as Deputy Director – where she ensured that the voices of BAME users of mental health users were built into the programme.

As Director of the Positively Diverse Programme with NHS Employers, Shahana worked with NHS organisations to reduce bullying and harassment and discrimination in the workforce.

As Head of Diversity and Inclusion for NHS England and NHS Improvement, Shahana worked with the NHSE/I board and senior leaders to ensure that equality and diversity became a top priority for the organisation.

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