Developing CQ® Virtual Workshop

Event Overview

  • Format Virtual
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Price £ 295 GPB

Our Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) virtual workshop goes beyond cultural awareness to the next level by utilising peer-reviewed research and recognised methods to build an individual’s cultural intelligence. This leads to more effective cross-cultural connections and improved personal and professional relationships.

This CPD certified workshop is for individuals and organisations seeking proven strategies for optimising their position as global citizens. This blended-learning programme will benefit anyone who interacts with different cultures, whether multinational, generational, ethnic or even organisational cultures within a workplace.

Course participants will learn about their own level of cultural intelligence and the four capabilities of CQ: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Action, and CQ Strategy.

Workshop Objectives 

This programme will introduce participants to cultural intelligence and equip them with strategies for
applying it to any multicultural context. The overall objective is to improve intercultural performance.

Workshop Learning Outcomes 

  • Self-awareness of how culture influences your interactions with others
  • Understanding how to develop and apply CQ in yourself and others
  • Effectiveness working with multicultural colleagues and customers

You Will Receive

  • CQ Starter programme
  • What’s Your CQ? participant guide
  • CQ Pro Assessment & Feedback Report: View Sample Report
  • MYCQ™ e-learning course
  • Digital copy of Expand Your Borders, written by Dr. David Livermore
  • Certificate of Completion that can be shared and added to your social media accounts
  • Digital Badge to validate your accomplishments. Showcase your digital badge on your email, CV, and social media accounts!

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Additional Information

Schedule & Objectives

Workshop Agenda & Objectives 

Culture Matters

  • Become familiar with facilitator, co-participants, and purpose of the workshop
  • Recognise the relevance of cultural intelligence
  • Be able to define “culture”

Mapping Cultural Diversity

  • Understand ten cultural value dimensions
  • Identify behaviours typically associated with each cultural value preference
  • Develop awareness of the cultural value preferences of self and others

What’s Your CQ? Overview

  • Develop an understanding of cultural intelligence
  • Recognise the importance of cultural intelligence as a key capability for intercultural

What’s Your CQ Drive?

  • Understand the importance of CQ Drive for intercultural effectiveness
  • Reflect on CQ Drive scores and learn strategies for improvement
  • Know how to apply CQ Drive

What’s Your CQ Knowledge?

  • Understand the importance of CQ Knowledge for intercultural effectiveness
  • Reflect on CQ Knowledge scores and learn strategies for improvement
  • Know how to apply CQ Knowledge

What’s Your CQ Strategy?

  • Understand the importance of CQ Strategy for intercultural effectiveness
  • Reflect on CQ Strategy scores and strategies for improvement
  • Know how to apply CQ Strategy

 What’s Your CQ Action?

  • Understand the importance of CQ Action for intercultural effectiveness
  • Reflect on CQ Action scores and strategies for improvement
  • Know how to apply CQ Action

Case Study

  • Apply knowledge about cultural values and CQ to a specific case study
  • Understand leading practices for effective, diverse teams

CQ Action Plan

  • Create an action plan for improving and applying CQ
  • Be motivated to develop CQ in self and others


Fees & Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due upon registration or within 7 days of receiving an invoice for the workshop and is non-refundable. However, we will allow a registrant the one-time option to transfer their registration to another available session within one calendar year, so long as written (email) notice is provided to the CQ Centre 5 days prior to the workshop start date. If a registrant provides less than 5 days’ notice of a transfer request, an administrative fee of £75 will be assessed.

If a registrant fails to attend a workshop and no notice is provided before the workshop starts, that individual will be considered a “no-show” and will not be eligible for a refund or to transfer that registration.

We reserve the right to cancel a workshop session 30 days out. Full refunds will be given if we do so.

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