CQ Talent™: Ensuring a Culturally Intelligent Hiring Process

What is CQ Talent™?

A new product that uses the CQ Assessment for the purposes of assessing prospective job candidates.

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Designed for use by recruiters and hiring managers to assess prospective candidates Cultural Intelligence (CQ), cultural values, attitude towards diversity, work values, team fit, and more.

Based on the well-validated CQ Assessment, with new measures of validity that provide feedback on candidate:

  • Self-presentation
  • Work Values
  • Attitude towards Diversity
  • Psychological Ownership of Work
  • Attention to Detail


  • Improved hiring knowledge helps avoid costly mistakes
  • Objective feedback reporting helps address bias in the process
  • Feedback includes optional data on “fit” with prospective team
  • Cost and time investment are minimal – a few dollars per job

How Does It Work?

  • The recruiter prepares a short “job profile” and sets up a new “job search” in the CQ Learning Portal
  • Candidates take the CQ for Hiring Assessment online
  • Each candidate’s assessment generates a feedback report to the recruiter and hiring manager
  • Additional reporting includes a comparison of cultural values:
    • Candidates Cultural Values are reported against Team values
    • Candidates Cultural Values are compared to those of the recruiter and the hiring manager
  • Time investment is minimal: 10 minutes to set up a new job search; 20-25 minutes for a candidate to complete the assessment

Package Details


  • Access to unlimited online candidate assessments*
  • Comprehensive reference manual with setup instructions and report interpretation discussion
  • Interview guide with possible interview questions
  • Online e-learnings for hiring and supervising managers
  • Live support for setup or questions

*CQ Talent™ is a subscription-based product with annual pricing based on estimated annual hires. Contact us for pricing.