CQ 360° Assessment (Teams)

This tool is designed to assess individual and team rated capabilities in the four factors of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as well as individual cultural value orientations. Personalized feedback reports compare self and team rated CQ scores with the worldwide norms and include a personalized development plan.

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CQ 360 Assessment Team: The CQ 360 Team Assessment measures an individual’s capability for working and relating across cultures by measuring self-rated and team-rated scores in four distinct areas

  1. CQ Drive: Level of interest, persistence, and confidence during multicultural interactions.
  2. CQ Knowledge: Understanding about how cultures are similar and different.
  3. CQ Strategy: Awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions.
  4. CQ Action: Ability to adapt when relating and working in multicultural contexts.

In addition, the CQ 360 Assessment provides individuals with a mapping of their preferences on 10 cultural values.

  1. Individualism vs. Collectivism
  2. Low vs. High Power Distance
  3. Low vs. High Uncertainty Avoidance
  4. Cooperative vs. Competitive
  5. Short Term vs. Long Term
  6. Direct vs. Indirect
  7. Being vs. Doing
  8. Universalism vs. Particularism
  9. Non-Expressive vs. Expressive
  10. Linear vs. Non-Linear

Personal Feedback Report includes:

  • Self and Observer-Ratings & Norms for the 4 CQ Capabilities
  • Development & Action Plan
  • Personal Cultural Value Preferences

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