CQ® Your Bias: Use Cultural Intelligence to Manage Bias

This highly interactive half-day or full-day workshop is designed to help participants explore their individual biases as well as the systemic bias present in common organisational practices, processes, and policies. Research-based practices are embedded throughout. Participants will leave the workshop with culturally intelligent strategies for disrupting bias in their individual lives and organisations.

Participants draw upon research-based findings to improve their self-awareness and develop the first steps for relating and working with cultural intelligence.

Segment: Corporate, Education, Government
Typical Duration: 4 or 7 hours
Format: Face-to-Face, Virtual Presentation
Participant Materials:


  • CQ® Your Bias Participant guide
  • Case Study
  • Cultural Values Profile (optional)
  • MyCV™ (optional e-learning on cultural values)
  • Expand Your Borders (book)
  • Implicit Association Test

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