Understanding Cultural Value Differences

Help your group develop a deeper understanding of cultural value differences through interactive online courses.

Using the Understanding Cultural Values Differences learning package is the first step towards improving your group’s cultural understanding and flexibility.  The Cultural Values Profile measures an individual’s cultural value preferences and the personal feedback report is designed to help them understand their own preferences and how those might differ from others. The MyCV™ online learning course helps individual’s understand why their perspectives may differ from others and how to navigate those differences using flexibility and understanding.


What You Receive

A 12-month license including the following administrator resources

  • One Group Report (View Sample Report)
  • Assessment Debriefing Guide (PDF) & corresponding PowerPoint Slides

Additional Administrator Resource Information

Group Report:  A report summarizing the aggregate CQ Assessment or Cultural Values Profile results of participants. There is a 10-person minimum to pull the report. The purchase of this package will provide you with access to one group report for your selected program. 

Debrief Guide & PowerPoint Slides: A facilitator guide designed to help administrators walk participants through their personal feedback report. PowerPoint slides are designed to accompany the guide so facilitators can present a debriefing session with a full group.

What Your Participants Receive

An invitation to complete the assessment and lifetime access to their personal feedback report and online learning course

Additional Participant Resource Information

Cultural Values Profile: The Cultural Values Profile measures an individual’s personal cultural value orientations. This tool is designed to assess the ten cultural value dimensions. Personalized feedback reports compare personal orientations with cultural cluster norms and include a personalized action plan.

Participant Feedback Reports include:

  • Personal Preferences on the 10 cultural values
  • Cultural Clusters
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Tips for working with people on both ends of the value continua

MyCV™ Online Course: Online course to be used following completion of the Cultural Values Profile (CVP). This course describes and defines culture, ten cultural values, and the ten largest cultural clusters in the world. It helps you interpret your own preferences and the preferences of others.

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