Assess Your Cultural Values

How do you approach life and work? Take the Cultural Values Profile to measure your cultural value preferences.

The cultural values profile provides you with a core understanding of your cultural value preferences and how those influence your approach to life and work. Your personalized feedback report will outline your cultural value preferences and how these relate to different clusters of people globally and will provide you with tips for working and relating to those whose values differ from your own.

You Receive:

  • An invitation to complete the assessment and lifetime access to their personal feedback report
  • Cultural Values Profile & Feedback Report (View Sample Report)

Additional Participant Resource Information:

Cultural Values Profile: The Cultural Values Profile measures an individual’s personal cultural value orientations. This tool is designed to assess the ten cultural value dimensions. Personalized feedback reports compare personal orientations with cultural cluster norms and include a personalized action plan.

Personal Feedback Reports include:

  • Personal Preferences on the 10 cultural values
  • Cultural Clusters
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Tips for working with people on both ends of the value continua

What are Cultural Value Preferences?
Cultural values are personal preferences. These values have no intrinsic meaning. In other words, it is not “better” to have one preference or another. Instead, the cultural value dimensions are simply descriptive ways to help individuals think about their own preferences and how they may differ from others.

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