CJ Beckmann

CJ Beckmann is an officer with over 10 years of military service in the United State Army with key leadership experience in diverse, multicultural, and dynamic organizations with specific focus in the domains of language, regional expertise, and culture.

CJ first began working with the Cultural Intelligence Center while managing the language and cultural training for a large military organization preparing its service members for overseas assignments.  In this role, he was able to coordinate the efforts of government, academic and private sector organizations to integrate CQ into existing training programs.  CJ is also the director of training and education on a committee charged with enhancing initiatives for diversity, equity and inclusion within his organization.

His academic credentials include an MBA and B.A. in Communications.  He is Gold Level certified in the Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation method and is a graduate of the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies Red Team Leader course.  Aside from his military service, CJ and his wife, Elizabeth, work as small business consultants specializing in organizational psychology and culture, strategic planning, and operational design. The two reside in Salt Lake City, Utah.