Des Ong

Based in Sydney, Australia, Des Ong is part of the community of Associate Facilitators with the Cultural Intelligence Center.

Des is an authentic, intuitive and future focused leader who has spent 20+years through research & leadership experience working with a variety of industries and organizations locally and internationally. These include top 20 ASX companies, governance boards, entertainment & hospitality, media, retail, education, finance, government and not for profit sectors. He is a sought after engaging speaker, a high performing team developer and leadership strategist that creates organizational environments for high employee engagement, shaping diversity/inclusion culture, and embeds healthy accountability that enhances team performance. Whether it be purposeful organizational design, transformational coaching or experiential leadership development programs; Des brings out the innate team strengths and dynamics; develops emotionally & culturally intelligent leaders, brings clarity to managing organizational change and assists articulating pathways for healthy and productive team culture. He has many years of experience in governance roles including Chairman and Board Director. He has completed his thesis on the role of Emotional (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in developing leaders.