Fenny Ang, PhD

Dr. Fenny Ang is the Corporate Partnerships Director for INSEAD, world renowned global business school. Based in Singapore, Fenny manages the China, Malaysian and Philippines portfolios. In addition to her business development role, she also provides Professional Leadership Development Coaching for MBA students.

Fenny is a Professional Certified Coach (PCCTM) with more than 20 years of management consulting and HR practitioner experiences in both the corporate and NGO sectors across Asia Pacific. As an executive coach and leadership trainer, Fenny works with senior executives to develop their personal and team leadership capabilities. She has expertise in helping leaders to successfully transition into senior leadership roles, build productive teams or navigate through challenging organisation transitions (e.g.: M&A, restructuring and layoffs). Her recent projects focus on upskilling managers in leading and managing transformational change in their teams, and helping executives navigate successfully in cross-cultural terrains. She especially loves working with millennial leaders to increase their confidence in shaping their workforce, and understand their place in the world, beyond just their workspace.

Fenny obtained her PhD in International Business Management from the University of South Australia and received her M.A. in Educational Leadership (specialising in HR Development) from Western Michigan University. She has published articles in People & Strategy, Journal of Global Mobility, and Coaching World. Fenny is fluent in English and proficient in Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, and Cantonese.