Luisa La Via

Luisa La Via is a Leadership Coach with an international background with more than 20 years of experience traveling the world and coordinating international teams in multicultural environments. Luisa grew up learning from the diversity of the people she met which allowed her to open her mind and see things from different perspectives.

Luisa has covered different positions in the Corporate HR Department in the Luxury field (Bulgari and LVMH) from Recruiting, Training & Development to Organisation and Internal Communication. Recently, she added Corporate Social Responsibility to her curriculum.

Her certification in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) has only reinforced the multicultural approach which characterises her professional expertise. Luisa is now contributing to the development of professionals and organisations both through individual and team coaching and managerial courses with the use of HR development tools such as the CQ assessment and feedback report, Assessment Center, workplace climate surveys, and personal motivation indicators.