Polly Collingridge

Polly Collingridge is Account Manager in our UK subsidiary, supporting our UK Chief Operating Officer to build the business in the UK.

Polly has many years’ experience selling international rights in book publishing, and has also worked in sales and service delivery roles within global mobility and employee wellbeing. Most recently she has been a freelance intercultural trainer and is a CQ Certified Facilitator. She has an MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology and a degree in Italian and Spanish. Although she was born and (mostly) raised in London, she has also lived in Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA.

Polly has always been fascinated by different languages and cultures – even teaching herself the basics of Esperanto at the age of 10! Polly is passionate about the role of CQ in helping us work towards a more equitable society in which we all understand each other a little better.