Quinton Pretorius

Quinton is a compelling and thought-provoking facilitator and speaker who taps into his extensive experience in the corporate and NGO sectors, both locally and abroad, to engage with his audiences on issues of diversity, equity & inclusion, interpersonal communication and personal potential development.

He has developed a reputation as one of the best facilitators in the country and is known for speaking with genuine conviction, passion and an inimitable frankness that inspires and provokes individuals and organisations to expand the scope of their vision.

Through a facilitation style that is highly interactive and probing, he is able to help diverse audiences make the transition from a subjective worldview and interaction style to a broader state of appreciation for the real breadth and complexity of social interactions in multicultural environments. He is well-known for his use of immersive exercises, engaging storytelling, and a good measure of light-hearted humour as he weaves together lessons that leave lasting impressions on his audiences.