White Paper: The Inclusive Culture Pyramid

An introspective look at implementing CQ as an EDI/DEI solution in organizations.

Exhaustive research clearly confirms that having a mix of people in an organization is not enough to create better outcomes, you need an inclusive culture too; and the benefits of having both are tangible. We live and work in an increasingly globalized and multi-cultural world. The barriers around what’s acceptable and familiar are constantly being broken down. Getting to grips with how to lead and manage others who have different, views, values, experiences, lifestyles, and approaches is key to being successful.

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To bring about sustained and sustainable inclusive change, you need to implement this new way of thinking and working across all four areas of the business:

  1. How you attract people
  2. How you treat and progress your staff
  3. How you create the services and products of your business
  4. How you attract and treat your users/customers/audience/members.

A methodology like this, which provides a workable solution, should provide us with the optimism we need to start to combat societal ills. This is an opportunity to join an effort to build better workplaces, better environments, a better world. This is a chance to fulfil that obligation and drive forward towards an alternative future.

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Marsha Ramroop has been working inclusively throughout her career as a journalist and leader with the personal work motto “giving the unheard voice a place to speak”.

Prior to joining the RIBA as Director of Inclusion and Diversity in February 2021 she was influential with inclusion efforts at the BBC alongside her work in radio, as well as working in her own private Diversity and Inclusion practice, Unheard Voice Consultancy Ltd. She is a leader in Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in the UK, helping organizations deliver strategic inclusive change. She developed her own model overlaying CQ and a change paradigm to implement an approach which embeds inclusion across recruitment, staff engagement/retention/progression, business outcomes, and audience/user/client reach. Her approach tackles all agendas of under-representation, allowing for intersectionality to be effectively addressed across all areas of an organization.

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