CQ® Collective2020 IMPACT

October 20-21, 2020
10:30 am-5 pm ET | 14:30-21:00 GMT

Location: Wherever you are! (Virtual)
Who: Key educational, corporate, and military partners and guests

The CQ® Collective is an exclusive event for key education, corporate, and military CQ partners who are actively implementing cultural intelligence.

This year’s CQ Collective is focused on learning best practices for defining and deepening the impact of CQ.

This will include timely discussions and presentations about how the current realities of Covid-19 and the global conversation on race informs the way we measure the impact of CQ.

Partners from Apple, Google, Harvard, Goldman Sachs, University of Michigan, JP Morgan, MIT, the Pentagon, NYU, Queens University, Qatar Airways, the United Nations, and dozens more have been invited to join us in discussing how to take the impact of the work we do together further and deeper.

Our two-day conversation will start outside the realm of CQ, global engagement, and diversity and inclusion to consider how other fields measure impact.

How do educational institutions measure whether students are learning?

How does a military unit measure whether a mission was successful?

How do networks measure the success of a show?

Then we’ll draw on these insights and some emerging research to inform a series of guided conversations about more effectively measuring the impact of CQ.

A Note From David Livermore

Welcome to the CQ Collective! I wish we were sipping coffee together from the fine china at the Harvard Faculty Club. Sadly, this year, the Collective is a BYOB event. But Covid-19 can’t keep us from the most important part of it—meeting together! So grab your favorite drink and get ready for a lively two days.

We’re here to talk about impact. What kind of impact are we trying to make through our collective efforts in CQ? And how do we measure that? This isn’t an “everyone drink the Kool-aid” kind of conference. We want debate, challenge, and honest conversation about what’s working and what isn’t.

Our socially-distant, politically polarized world needs our collective leadership around CQ now more than ever. So let’s get at it and strategize how we can a more culturally intelligent world.

David Livermore, PhD
Cultural Intelligence Center

Defining and Measuring Impact

10:30-12:00 EDT (14:30-16:00 GMT) | Are We Measuring the Right Things?

Sandra Upton, Vice President, Global Diversity Practices  │  CQ Center

Keynote: What if we’re measuring the wrong things?
David Livermore, President  │  CQ Center

Panel Discussion: How do you define impact?
A distinguished panel of leaders discuss how they measure impact.

Collective Table Talk: How are we defining impact?
What can we apply from these provocative insights for how we measure CQ?

01:00-02:30 EDT (17:00-18:30 GMT) | Using CQ To Make an Impact On Inequities

CQ Short: CQ Impact on Addressing Racial Equity in Schools
Dr. Sharon Quinn  │  Deputy Chief of Racial Equity Office  |  Dallas Independent School District

CQ Short: CQ Impact on Health Care Systems & Processes
A year later, what difference has CQ made? And what did we learn from Covid?
Ovell Barbee, VP HR and CDO and Valissa Armstead, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  |  Spectrum Health

Collective Table Talk: How are we defining impact?
What systems can we put in place to ensure impact and success?

02:45-04:15 EDT (18:45-20:15 GMT) | Is There Room For Conservatives in the CQ Movement?

CQ Fishbowl: CQ Impact on Ideological Tribes

  • CQ in an Age of Brexit—Jennifer Izekor  |  UK CQ Partner
  • CQ at Liberty University—Steven Gillum, Executive Director, Center for Global Engagement  |  Liberty University
  • CQ and Law Enforcement—Jermaine Johnson, Police Officer  |  Oklahoma City Police

Segment Table Talk: How do we become more inclusive to broaden impact?  
Who is excluded from the CQ conversation in our context and what would it talk to include them? What are the non-negotiables?

04:15-05:00 EDT (20:15-21:00 GMT) | Informal Networking

Meet with others who are actively implementing cultural intelligence

Strategic Implications and Next Steps


CQ Short: Evaluating Cultural Training Across US Department of Defense
Marc Hill, Associate Director for Culture Education and Training │Pentagon

CQ Short: Evaluating Business Education at Queens University
Angela James, Director, Centre for International Management and Kerri Regan, Director, Master of International Business │ Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

CQ Short: Evaluating Crew Training at Qatar Airways
Yusuf Ali, Cabin Services Instructor and Errol Sequeira, Standards and Procedures Manager | Qatar Airway Cabin Services Training

CQ Research Brief: How to Interpret T1/T2 CQ Results
Linn Van Dyne, Lead Researcher | CQ Center

Segment Table Talk: CQ and Organisational Outcomes
Segment-specific breakout groups to create a plan for linking CQ development to organisational and institutional outcomes


CQ Short: Online Law School for International Students
Khary Hornsby, J.D. Assistant Dean, Chief Global and Executive Programs Officer | University of California, Irvine

CQ Short: Teaching CQ and Unconscious Bias Virtually
Lyla Kohistany, Director of Government Programs & Master Trainer | CQ Center

Collective Table Talk: CQ and Virtual Learning
Cross-segment breakout groups to Identify best practices for facilitating CQ learning and development virtually

02:45-04:00 EDT (18:45-20:00 GMT) | PLANNING FOR LASTING IMPACT

CQ Capstone: See Impact at Harvard
Andrea Kelton-Harris  │  SR. Human Resources Consultant, Harvard University
Barbara-Nobles-Crawford, PhD  │  Executive Coach and SR. Organisation Development Consultant, Center for Workplace Development, Harvard University

Reflection & Action Planning